Website Update 4/11/2018

Good Morning Time and Spacers!

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates as the last week we have made some changes that we wanna map out, as well as give you a small update to what our artist are up too.


We are expanding everyday through networking and site building. With that, we have added one new webmaster to our site and now will be officially running our, so if you had sent and email before but never got a response we do apologize, but now it will attentively watched and we'll be able to provide you with site help.


We have added a member only area for all of our artists to be able to add show dates. Only verified Artists will be able to use this feature until we can improve it. Like mentioned before we are growing everyday.

For artist, you will be able to add your shows and events, add blog posts, and give feedback about their respective pages. Soon we'll able to add and track merch, as well be able to see analytics of your page.


We are officially MOBILE! Our site has been optimized for all android and apple products. You can also access all member areas. TRY IT OUT!!


We are currently enrolling artists into our collective! As of now it is free and if used right can be a great way to promote your art. We have two designers that will work with setting up a page special to you! Don't waste time on Facebook ANYMORE! Have people come see ur personal site!

Click here and sign up today!


Pope Joan's Flying Yogis Release "Sophomore Debut"

On March 16, 2018 Pope Joan's Flying Yogis released there long awaited debut album "Sophomore Debut". The 12 track album is a refreshing and sound familiar to the purest form of Rock n Roll. You can listen to it on all streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.



On the date of release, they held a release party featuring two great bands It's All Good from Mt View and Astro Mutt from Oakland.'s UGNE was there hosting the event.

"It was a great show, all bands really rocked and big shout out to PJFY for the amazing album".

They have a show coming up in May at a secret Location in San Jose, featuring band Mobilities from Portland, and Whirl'd from San Jose. will be on hand to cover it all!

UGNE tags JimboSlice and YungRoyerr for new single "Loud N Clear"/ New Time&Space project

On March 30th, UGNE released his single "LOUD N CLEAR" featuring JimboSlice and YungRoyerr on all streaming platforms. It's newests the first single off the long awaited follow up to Time&Space second group project "Lost in space Vol 2". The project will feature returning members UGNE, JIMBOSLICE, and JES and include some re masters as well with a lot of new content so stay tuned!

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