All Amerikkkan Greatness: Joey Bada$$ comes back with some heat on his second studio album

A new age love letter to Amerikkka, Joey Bada$$ comes back on his second album with a beautiful aspect of the turmoil in our country today

On April 7th, 2017 Joey Bada$$ released his second album of CMG/Pro Era and delivered with a beautiful outlook on the crisis in America. WIth features from Meechy Darko, Chronixx, Schoolboy Q, J. Cole and produced by the likes of Kirk Knight and Powers Pleasant. Joey released AABA 5 years after his long time friend Capital Steez dropped "Amerikkan Coruption", which was highly praised within the underground hip-hop circles and even received mainstream attention when in 2012 Pro Era signed with Cinematic Music Group. With Capital Steez and Joey Bada$$ preparing to lead a group of young hungry Emcees and producers the Pro Era brand became more and more popular for the raw, New York Style that Hip Hop lacked. Unfortunately, in 2012 Capital Steez took his own life and we are left to live through the great music he made.

Joey stated in an interview promoting AABA that he is still working on a King Capitol album, but understandably making a posthumus album is difficult. At the time, Joey was only 19 and after losing Steez, he was left with a lot of momentum and little time to grieve. Joey also lost his cousin and tour manager around the time B4 DA $$ was released.

When I listen to AABA I have a lot of reminiscent feelings to Steez music. Steez had the vision long before and in AABA its unapologetic and lyrically stiff with some hard rhymes. This is most obvious in the last track "AMERIKKAN IDOL". The boom-bap beat and the fast, in your face rhyme is what steelo was all about.

This album could be seen as a political statement as Joey references our president and government many times. Let me tell you, this is the farthest thing from a political statement. It's a statement of truth. Truth of the real problems and oppression in this world. It's beautiful in the way he portrays his feelings, and in the track "Y U DON'T LOVE ME" he does a great job of making us feel almost of desperation.

"Why you treat me like I don’t matter?

Why you always kicking my ladder?

Why you never hearing my side to the story?

Never look me in my eyes, say sorry?"

Joey Bada$$ has delivered an album that is relevant for the time, but had also delivered a timeless album that people will reference back too. If you are young and want to know what the formula of a successful thoughtful lyricist, than look no further than the BADMON. Salute to the New York artist and we at Time&Space support any artist that stands up for what they believe in!

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