Week Review: HUMBLE,Best April Fools Joke, Joey Bada$$ Album pushed back? Mozzy to X XL Freshmen

What up!

This week there was a lot of Hip Hop album drops as well as some videos and it's refreshing with the summer arriving fast. I compiled a playlist with songs that came out this week that I enjoyed the most:

Mozzy - Sleepin On Me

Crushed Glass- Freddie Gibbs

Top Off Benz ft Young Thug- Kodak Black

HUMBLE- Kendrick Lamar

Marvin ft Ceelo Green- Raekwon

Rockabye Baby ft Schoolboy Q- Joey Bada$$

PTSD ft Kriss Kalico & Jay Triliogy- Tech N9ne

Head Right- The Underachievers


These are the songs that I thought were fire, and you need to go get the single or check out the video. The highlight of my week was the new Kendrick Lamar Video HUMBLE. It was exactly what I needed before I get the album, and this track was nowhere in the POTENTIAL leaked tracklist (I broke it down here). When his project drops I will be be comparing and seeing if there were any similarities; but the closer I get to April 7th, the more I feel like there won't be. Check out the video below:

On Friday we got a number of projects, but the project I was most excited about was the Freddie Gibbs project "You Only Live 2wice". Not surprised, not only Freddie Gibbs provided us an outlook into his recent false incarceration in a foreign country, but he gives us classic Freddie Gibbs flows and I thought it was well done. More impressive was the list of people who helped him produce the album (BADBADNOTGOOD, Aaron Bow, Crooklin, Dupri, DNYC3, ESVYBE, Kaytranada, Lambo, Jay Nari, Blair Norf, Pops, SLWJMZ, Speakerbomb, and Teddy Walton). It's important to stand with Freddie Gibbs and it's clear that his recent altercations didn't effect his stride. Shout out to Freddie Gibbs and excited for that Madlib collab Bandana.


Usually I would be salty to people who celebrate A stupid holiday such as April Fools, but for sake of humor I wanna share my two favorite April Fools Jokes that were reported.

Pornhub GOT EEM

Reported by Complex,Pornhub went out of there way to let everyone know they own the Internet. You had to simply go on the website and this would pop up:

If you experienced this in real time,you not the only one. Pornhub received over a million visitors On April 1st so you can imagine how many people raced frantically to clear their browser history before they got the Aril Fools Day message.

Google GMOME?

If you're a Youtuber, than you definitely saw the sponsored video for the Google GNOME. The outside hub that can turn on your hose or tell you if you can certain plants, but cannot add something to shopping list and then will give you a hard time about it. It also got real Kubrick about organic material LOL. Check it out:

Will Joey Bada$$ push his album back?

Once Kendrick Dropped his first Single The Heart Part 4 there was one thing that came to my mind, that April 7th we will be getting a bunch of good Hip Hop. Many bloggers have reported that Joey should maybe move his album back and stagger it with Kendricks release. I totally disagree I feel the exact opposite that Joey's numbers as far as streams and sales will not have to compete with Kendrick's. There were many reasons but I have three that I will cover.

Similar in content, but hold different types of fanbases

Joey and Kendrick both have great messages in there music and are very similar, but one thing that separate them is Kendrick has cemented himself more within the mainstream as an artist that can put out successful music without holding back his creative engine. Not saying B4 Da $$ wasn't a good album, but I felt that Joey has more east coast niche following that TDE doesn't appeal with. With that being said I don't think these two albums dropped on the same week are gonna change sales then if he waited a week or dropped a week early.

Streams rule the land

Now a days, if you ain't getting streams then you ain't making money. With Spotify, apple music, and Tidal having bidding wars on exclusives. Now no info on Kendrick's album but Joe's will not be an exclusive to one stream site and will be available on all platforms upon release. I'm sure Kendrick's will be the same so they will come in both highly anticipated and Kendrick might get more first week but over time they will even out.

Much needed in Hip Hop

In a year where we have 2 releases from Future, a release from Migos, and a whole list of Trap Rap releases, Hip Hop needs a shot of content and rhymes. I feel like Freddie Gibbs new release you can say was the first shit I could feel since the Cole Album. I enjoy Trap Music and no disrespect to their movements, but we need Kendrick and Joey to give us some fresh style which they always come with. Joey Bada$$ has be open about saying his praise of Kendrick, and the sentiment has been extended back. Joey released a single featuring fellow TDE member Schoolboy Q, check it out:

Know April 7th comes around I will be taking the time to listen to both projects and support these guys. Until May, I will be waiting for that new Brother Ali album. Till then I will be raining in good music.

Mozzy to be a XXL Freshmen

Over the week we have been seeing many videos surface with rappers asking you to vote them for the next XXL Freshmen Class. Now Artist such as Madeintyo, Ugly God,and Montana of 300 made there little speech I could only help but to come to the realization of who cares? Yes this Cover has been starting points for some artists, but now more than ever you see a lot of artist get on that list and fall the fuck off. Now there is one artist this year who may change that list.

If you are a fan of Bay Area music you might say your new artist right now is G-eazy, Nef Iamsu, or more established acts like E40 or Too Short. Right on the outside of the bay in Sacramento, California is a rapper that is hotter and putting out more fire than anyone of those rappers in the last two years. I strongly suggest the tapes Bladadah and Tapped In which are my most played. If XXL Smart they just give this dude the cover and leave the hypebeast rappers back in the 8th grade. This is his Pitch video, GO VOTE FOR THE HOMIE!!!!

That's it for this week! I want to start a Local artist spotlight where I highlight music, interview the artist, and talk about everything and anything. First episode is in the progress and looking for artist that are interested in coming on my podcast and showcasing their stuff! hit me up at UGNEMUSIK@GMAIL.COM

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