Danny Brown releases new music video "Ain't it funny" directed by Jonah Hill

Danny Brown treated us to a new music video for one of his songs of his newest project Atrocity Exhibition. Released late September of last year, the project in it's entirety is highly praised for it's rich sounds and samples as well as a side of Danny Brown we saw in Old, but only in pieces. It was later released that Danny Brown Spent somewhere on the upwards of 70K on Features and samples. Danny said in an interview "I wanna make timeless stuff, so you're gonna have to spend a couple dollars".

This music video is the perfect example of that statement. Starring in his own sitcom Ain't it Funny shows him with a sitcom family playing Uncle Danny. It was very creative and fresh to the formula that a lot of artists have been using for music videos the last two years. The video was directed by Jonah Hill also known for his roles in Superbad and 21 Jump Street. Watch the video below:

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