So a few days ago our good friend and possibly worst friend the internet stumbled upon the POTENTIALLY possible leaked tracklist for Kendrick Lamar's new album which if the context of his last single is right will be released April 7th. Now this was a document floating around in the pastebin website titled "KL-2017" and I have decoded it and pasted it below:

1. Purple Hibiscus – produced by Sounwave & Terrace Martin 2. Counterfeit – produced by Rahki & Taz Arnold 3. Trust Everyone – produced by DJ Dahi, Terrace Martin & Thundercat 4. Delusal (Like You Haven’t) – featuring Anderson .Paak & Anna Wise, produced by Sounwave 5. Product – featuring André Benjamin, produced by Kanye West & Taz Arnold 6. Richard Nixon – produced by LoveDragon 7. None of Your Business – featuring Anna Wise, Kanye West & Q-Tip, produced by DJ Dahi, Kanye West & Sounwave 8. Double Standards – produced by LoveDragon & Rahki 9. If You Had Me, You Lost Me (Interlude) – produced by Flying Lotus & Mono/Poly 10. Commercialized, Failed Experiments – produced by Alchemist, Cardo & Swizz Beatz 11. Ten Steps – featuring Bilal, D’Angelo, & Thundercat, produced by Sounwave & Terrace Martin 12. Paranoia, Is Love Stronger Than Death? – produced by K.L. & LoveDragon 13. Rest in Paradise (Interlude) – produced by Terrace Martin 14. Swim with the Fishes (God Said) – produced by Sounwave & Terrace Martin

Enclosed in this document was also some notable samples that he could potentially be used in his album include "Essawhamah?" written by The Roots, "Summer Madness" written by Kool & the Gang,"Cornish Acid" written by Aphex Twin, and "Spanish Castle Magic" written by Jimi Hendrix. Below are some of the songs he is potentially sampling:

"Essawhamah?" written by The Roots

"Cornish Acid" by Aphex Twin

"Summer Madness" by Kool & The Gang

Now that this Tracklist hasn't been confirmed with how descript the tracklist was (with it down to Executive Producing, writing credits) it is just hard for me to believe that there is someone out there making fake tracklists THIS specific. Lets just hope that whatever we get, we get it and support his movement. Last week, Kendrick Dropped a single that surprised the hip hop community and also showed us a hungry, more aggressive K-dot that will transcend his music to the next level as he's proven to have done with Good Kid M.A.A.D. City and To Pimp a Butterfly.

Thank you guys for reading and please stay tuned for more updates. We are going to be doing a Local spotlight blog so if you have a artist you want highlighted contact me at UGNEMUSIK@GMAIL.COM.

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