Kendrick Lamar Single LISTEN, First Thoughts, NEW ALBUM DATE?!?!?

KING KENDRICK IS BACK...Sorry Drake but looks like Kendrick just dropped a single from his upcoming fourth album. We had an update via social media not 24 hours before with the pic below:

You can download the single via Itunes and will be available for streaming shortly. I bought the single and highly suggest you buy it as well because he gave all all a little hint that maybe he will be dropping April 7th after saying "You know what time it is ante up this him forever, You guys got till april the 7th to put yo shit together". If this means a new album i'm all for it, but it leaves me to keep asking the same question to TDE, where is SZA's album?

I'm not gonna complain as any drop from TDE is highly anticipated, and shout out to them for giving us fresh music as often as they do. There was some more shade also being thrown around and there is speculation to who Kendrick is referring to. "Ho Jay-Z hall of Fame sit yo punk ass down", possibly referring to when Drake took shots at Jay-Z. He also takes a blatant shot at Donald Trump and Russia saying "Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel punk, Tell em that god coming, and Russia need a replay button they up to something". Kendrick has done it again, he has dropped a single that blows everything that has been released in the last three months out the water. To say that Hip Hop needs the Kendrick album is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!

kendrick lamar/instagram

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