Welcome to the Blog! (Note from the admin)

Thanks for tuning in i'm gonna be using the blog for a lot of things, I will be focusing on 3 topics:

-New Artist Spotlight/Weekly hip hop update

-Updates to the website/newsletter?

-Other adventures within my universe

If you are an artist and want some free publicity or business inquiries email me at ugnemusik@gmail.com

Also looking for different types of artist that design t-shirts/hats, or wants to sell their paintings, jewelry, etc... I wanna develop a shared store experience! I am independent and wanna help other independent artist grow their brand.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has been in on UGNE Musik and Time&Space Studios. I can honestly tell you I have done a lot of the work, but if it wasn't for the people in my everydays who keep me up I could do what I do today. With that being said it is going to take a lot to make A studio run at the most advanced levels. That's why I ask that everyone that is interested in supporting the cause by buying some merchandise or donating via Paypal. If you can't donate or buy I understand, drop me your email and keep in touch!

"Homegrown from another planet"

Brian "UGNE" Newell

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