Through our journey we've encountered many friends along the way! Scroll down and check them out!!



Recently featured on UGNE and Jimboslice's latest project. in his bio he states "A self proclaimed artist and MC from Redwood City California; the heart of the Bay Area, Phonz works tirelessly on an annual basis to provide the listener with the utmost to-date Hip Hop sounds. Phonz ensures to bring you a unique sound that matches your taste. Phonz has been an Artist and MC for 5 years who's sound has reacted with the many catalysts that Hip Hop has entailed over the years".

You can check out his website below!

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Recently featured on UGNE and Jimboslice's latest project. A close friend and influencer in the Peninsula-Bay Area area, Yungroyerr has put out multiple projects including a cypher song that would become UGNE's first featuring on a song. We look foward to Yungroyerrs new music coming next year! Check out his music below!

PJFY Papal Chakra

Pope Joan's Flying Yogis

Close Friends and frequent collaborators on the site Poe Joan's Flying Yogis are based out of San Jose, CA. There bio states" Founded in 2012 by members David Castañeda and Conroy Jinq as Listen for Sound, the group was created with the intent to create music that makes you think. In 2015, Listen for Sound became Pope Joan’s Flying Yogis after adding member Kevin Rhodes followed by the newest member Dorian Marquez. Today, PJFY continues to play music that talks about love, life, death, politics, religion with the perspective of foreign born families. Though each individuals view may differ, there is a resounding call for understanding, empathy, and love in the music of Pope Joan’s Flying Yogis".